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UPDATE: 1998 3v3 Games on March 21st is now full!
Details on the Grizzly Player Development Model added to site.

The Grizzly News (updated Mar 12th, 2009) contains the latest information about the Grizzly programs.

Any player interested participating in our new PYH Grizzly Winter program should complete the PYH Grizzlies Interest online form.

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Program Offerings
The Grizzlies will offer the following programs:
Registration forms for the Grizzly Programs can be found here.

Grizzly Player Development Model
USA Hockey has recently announced a new American Development Model (ADM). The ADM is a plan for long-term development of hockey players in the US. The plan outlines a progression of player development based on a variety of developmental factors.

In creating the Grizzly model, I used the recently released USA ADM as well as a Czech Long Term Development Model (LDM) created by Czech national team coach Ludek Bukac. I have taken pieces from each of these models and blended them with other ideas and training models I have seen over the 30+ years of coaching youth hockey to form the Grizzly Player Development Model. The model is based on a 12 month development plan using the concept of periodization, and a training system which is unique to the Grizzly Program.

Perinton Youth Hockey has joined with the Grizzlies to offer a new development program which addresses Phase Two of this model. This is not a travel team, and will not play in any league.

More information on the Grizzly Player Development Model can be found here.

Program Philosophy - by Glenn Collins

The Grizzlies will offer a variety of unique programs at all skill levels which will be designed to improve skills, but more importantly, instill a love of the game with an emphasis on FUN! There are many excellent development programs out there, and the Grizzlies are not looking to replace any of them. I have my own ideas and concepts that I have put together from working with good hockey people. Things that my family has done to make this game a valuable part of our lives and this is my chance to pass what I have learned on to you. The Grizzlies are not linked to any one youth organization, only to the ideas of making the game fun, and developing skills. I cannot do this alone, so I will be soliciting the help of top quality hockey people from different areas who share the same philosophies as me. The Grizzlies will be a place where proven techniques will be combined with great coaches and low player to coach ratios to provide a unique opportunity to learn and have FUN.


The Grizzlies will be unique for a variety of reasons:

  1. Coaches – We will have a variety of coaches with excellent hockey backgrounds running our clinics and programs. They will be hands on with the players, and with our low player to coach ratio (7:1), they will be able to personally work with each player.
  2. Facility – The Grizzlies’ home base is Village Sports in Fairport. I opened this facility in 2002 to promote active lifestyles in kids. The facility has a 90’ x 80’ Astro Turf Surface, Basketball Shooting Area, Adventure Challenge Obstacle Course, Meeting Rooms, Snack Bar, and a new 120’ x 60’ Ice Rink we call “The Pond”. The Pond is ľ of a full size rink but has the same shape and look. I put in this training rink to simulate the ponds and backyard rinks that were so much fun, and such a big part of my kid’s and their friend’s development. 14 to 16 players with 2 coaches is a perfect number for training and is a perfect fit on this rink. 3 v 3 games will also be a regular part of all our programs as well as our “Learn Through Play” concept.
  3. Learn Through Play – As my boys advanced through Junior and College Hockey, I started asking parents where they thought their kids developed their skills and love for the game. 100% of the parents responded with some type of pond hockey story. Whether it was on the Pond, Backyard Rink, Canal behind the house, keys to the rink after it was closed, etc, their kids had the most fun and skill development “just playing” with friends. They would tell me of the numerous games played and created during these sessions. I know this was also the case with my own kids. A major component of our program will be this “learn through play” idea. We will sprinkle in some instruction with lots of awesome small ice games designed to develop creativity and skill. I have seen this approach work for years. Today’s players are not given the chance to be creative. Practices are too structured, and they don’t play on the backyard rinks, so as a result they do not develop to their full potential, and very often are tired and bored of the sport right when it should be the most fun. Our program is going to be FUN!
Why Grizzlies?
The Grizzly Bear represents all the physical and mental traits we hope to develop in our players: Physical -- Strength, Power, deceiving Speed and Agility. Mental -- Toughness, Fearless in battle, and a great defender of family (or teammates). Athletes with these traits ultimately become the top players and leaders in their sport. We constantly reinforce these basic traits while helping our players master the skills necessary to compete at the highest levels. Besides, the Grizzly Bear is cool looking!
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